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Company Profile

Head Office: London


Sensory Perspective designs, patents and markets electromagnetic radiation (EMR) detection devices, as well as products to protect people from the health effects of electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog). It also owns a USA subsidiary, Durridge Company Inc, specializing in the design and manufacture of instruments for the measurement of radon gas.

Sensory Perspective’s primary objective is to improve people’s awareness and understanding of the risk of exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR), as well as how to protect themselves and their families from them, whether at home or at work.

People who develop symptoms as a result of exposure to electrosmog are said to be ‘electrosensitive’ (ES).

The company was formed in 2003, out of what was then 19 year-old radiation specialist Perspective Scientific Ltd, to reach a global mass-consumer marketplace.  Sensory Perspective comprises Directors with deep domain knowledge of industrial electromagnetic and nuclear radiation detection and measurement.

Brian Stein, Chairman of Sensory Perspective, suffers from chronic ES. He joined the Board because he felt very strongly about this silent condition and wants to raise awareness of the problem, as well as help fellow sufferers to appreciate that they can do something about it.

The design of the Electrosmog Detector is based on Sensory Perspective’s unique patented technology which captures the waste energy from microwave transmissions and turns it into a range of sounds, providing the user with an immediate impression of their personal microwave environment

All of our Detectors are independently tested to International Standards. The Electrosmog Detector has been extensively tested by dB Technology, an independent EMC test laboratory in Cambridge, UK, accredited to European and US (FCC) standards. The Electrosmog Detector secured CE accreditation in 2005

Our Protection products and solutions are true “barrier products” providing a physical barrier to EMR, which protection is readily provable and demonstrable by the consumer himself/herself using our, or other suitable, detectors.

Senior Management Team

Brian Stein, Chairman
Until recently, Brian Stein was Group CEO of Samworth Brothers, a privately-owned family business employing over 4,000 staff, with a turnover in excess of £750m.

Brian was diagnosed with EHS fifteen years ago as a direct result of his use of his mobile telephone. He managed to adapt his working and living environments to his condition and to succeed inspite of it.

Brian joined Sensory Perspective because as a sufferer, he is passionate about raising peoples’ awareness of the health effects of unrestricted electromagnetic fields.

Nick Clough, Managing Director
Nick Clough was the founder and Managing Director of Perspective Scientific Ltd (Est.1984). He was responsible for the design, manufacture and distribution of a range of quality radiation monitoring instruments, for both ionising (nuclear) and non-ionising (electromagnetic) radiation.

Nick was the founder of the UK's first mail order software catalogue, which was subsequently sold to a major player. Together with Alasdair Philips and Ian Harper, he set up Sensory Perspective Limited in 2003.

Ian Harper, Marketing Director
Ian Harper has over 30 years experience in supply chain logistics for heavy industrial applications - primarily oil and gas. He operated his own consultancy business for 20 years with extensive project experience in Middle East and S.E. Asia.

Ian has advised the UK Government's Overseas Development Administration (ODA) on capital projects and worked with numerous international organisations including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

He was also the European Coordinator for a division of Japanese trading house Nissho Iwai.

Alasdair Philips, Technical Director
Alasdair is an electronics, telecommunications and agricultural engineer as well as a leading EMF bio-effects researcher.

He has been Director of Powerwatch, a world-renowned mobile phone and power distribution industry watchdog, since 1989, during which time he has authored seven books, delivered numerous papers on health effects resulting from EMF bio-effects, and chaired two international scientific conferences on the health effects of mobile phone systems.

Alasdair was an expert witness at the Stewart investigation into mobile phone radiation (Stewart Report May 2000) and is involved in management of EMF-bio effects research at the universities of Bristol, Nottingham, and London.

The Powerwatch Handbook by Alasdair and Jean Philips was published in June 2006 by Piatkus Books, London.


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