How to Evaluate Your Environment

Wireless technologies are very convenient and make our lives easier. They are here to stay.

Take our test to find out how you can live healthily in the wireless world.

Which of the following statements applies to you (Please tick!):

I talk on a mobile phone often - and sometimes for over 5 minutes at a time?
My mobile phone is usually switched on and kept close by me when not in use?
I often stand by the microwave oven while my food is cooking?
I listen remotely to my child via a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) baby alarm?
My home has a wireless DECT burglar alarm?
I live in close proximity (within 200 metres) of a mobile phone mast?
At home I use cordless DECT phones?
The base station for my cordless DECT phone is beside my bed?
There is a base station for my cordless phone close by where I normally sit?
My office or workplace is in close proximity to a mobile phone mast?
I use a wireless PDA?
I use a wireless PC?
In my car I use bluetooth wireless technology?
At work I am in close proximity to the wireless PBX switchboard?

Your Score is:

If you ‘scored’ to between 1 and 5
Your exposure to electrosmog from wireless technologies could be affecting your health to some degree. Children and old people are most at risk. You should consider using the Electrosmog Detector to detect the electrosmog hotspots in and around your home and your workplace enabling you to re-organise your environment as appropriate and spend less time in known hotspots. Shielding materials are available to buy on this website which can deflect the microwave radiation.

If you ‘scored’ to between 6 and 10
Your exposure to electrosmog from wireless technologies is likely to be high. Discover your hotspots in your home and work environments using the Electrosmog Detector. Reorganise your environment accordingly and consider using our shielding materials to deflect and contain the potentially harmful radiation. The shielding fabric is like fine gauze and can be made in to all manner of products like curtains, pocket linings, mobile phone and DECT phone covers. Play safe and aim to stay healthy.

If you ‘scored’ to between 11 and 14
Your exposure to electrosmog from wireless technologies is very high. Children, the elderly and anyone with a lowered immune system are most at risk from the health affects. Detect your electrosmog hotspots using the Electrosmog Detector, use shielding materials to deflect 99% of the radiation from Electrosmog. If you live near a mobile phone mast, consider having shielding fabric curtains at your windows to give protection from the incoming radiation. Once you have your shielding fabric protection in place, use your Electrosmog Detector frequently to re-test your environment and ensure your electrosmog exposure remains at low levels. Plan to stay healthy in the wireless world.

Electrosmog sources in the home

Main sources in the home of microwave radiation are: DECT based cordless phones and baby alarms. Often the main source of Electrosmog is the cordless phone. People often find that their own cordless phone system (DECT) is irradiating the inside of their house more highly than a mobile phone mast would. It is important to ensure that the base (docking-station) is kept as far away as possible from where people, especially young children, spend a lot of time.

Microwave ovens can leak microwave radiation. The Electrosmog Detector can remind us to stand clear whilst the microwave oven is in operation.

Scientists consider people's health to be more at risk from wireless microwave radiation as opposed to radiation from household wiring and electrical appliances. They suggest it is the digital pulsing ‘chatter’ of the digital communications world that can more readily upset cell structure than the benign “static” radiation from low frequency power distribution circuits.

It is not necessarily true that absorbing radio waves is bad for you. Most people absorb radio waves a lot of the time, perhaps all of the time. What is significant is the amount of energy we are all being exposed to today, compared with just 15 or 20 years ago. The magnitude of growth in the presence of radio waves is colossal. Hundreds of times, perhaps thousands of times more. It is the totality of the electrosmog environment that concerns scientists. They don’t know what the gross exposure will do to the human body. As one philosophical individual commented “we are all living within the world’s biggest scientific experiment.”

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